Conditions Treated

Chronic illness/pain


When you've exhausted your western medical options and still live in pain and discomfort, explore new options for healing through Chinese medicine.

Neurological problems


Have you had a concussion, head injury, TIA, TBI, stroke? A breakthrough technique tested in prestigious hospitals in China is now available in the U.S. Wake up sleeping neural connections to improve movement, speech, gait, balance, and other issues caused by head injury and cerebral accidents. 

Inquire about nano-acupuncture effects on neural communication. 

Teen menstrual pain


Periods can be difficult and painful for young women. Tummy troubles like abdominal pain, swelling, water retention, digestive pain, low back pain, mood swings, and more severe issues like endometriosis or small fibroids can contribute to heavy bleeding and painful clots. Get rid of irregular and painful cycles without resorting to birth-control disruptive hormone pills! These pills can increase weight and cause hair loss! Let's resolve it naturally, it's hard enough being a teen!

Diabetes 2 treatment


Western medicine "manages" diabetes 2. A joint cooperation between you and Chinese medicine can reduce your A1c readings, reducing the extra cost of Metformin, and help you get your life back. Stop the progression of damage caused by the sugar disease including blindness, high blood pressure, stroke. Regain control of your life and save thousands in extra expenses beyond what insurance covers for diabetes management. 

Pre and Post Surgical pain relief


Prepare to soothe your nerves and strengthen your body for the best scenario if you are to have surgery, and help reduce hospital costs, speed recovery, and massively decrease pain and insomnia post surgically. Avoid becoming another statistic of post-surgical opioid addiction! Pre- and Post- op treatments are available to make surgery as stress-free and speedily recoverable as possible. 

Reduced Blood Flow Issues


In Chinese medicine, reduced blood flow results in conditions such as, headaches, muscle pain, digestive pain and more. Peripheral neuropathy, muscle achescramps, cold hands/feet (Reynaud's), diabetes, obesity, coronary heart disease, ischemic cerebrovascular disease, gastritis, arthritis, numbness, all uterine related dis-ease, anxiety, depression, irritability