"Martina is a very thoughtful and caring practitioner. She is a careful listener who then researches to find the most helpful way to treat her patient's conditions. Her caring and thorough treatment will support and assist you to restore and maintain your best and most radiant health. I have been a patient in her office for over a year and highly recommend Martina" C.G., Reseda

"Martina is amazing. I have seen her for a variety of reasons, but the most dramatic was when she got me through one of the scariest things I've ever been through. My doctor was shocked when I recovered completely from Bell's Palsy in only two weeks. I saw Martina 5 times in a two week period in conjunction with my meds. I explained this to my doc and he said, 'Well you obviously have an excellent practitioner.' "S.G., Westlake Village

"I originally started seeing Martina for my migraine headaches. I had tried everything and nothing had worked for years. Her treatments really helped me with my migraines. It's been amazing. She has also helped me with stress, allergies and back pain. She has a gift. I would highly recommend her" L.V.,Sylmar

"Martina is awesome. I have a nine year old son with minor Tourette's syndrome and after 2 visits she's already helped calm down his little body. I by no means think, nor will Martina say, that acupuncture is a 'cure' for tics and tremors, but if stress and hyperactivity triggers my son's TS, then it makes perfect sense to me that Martina's expertise in quelling the 'wind' in his body will keep those trigger from being set off. She seems to really be comfortable around kids. We will be back" A.F., Chatsworth

"Martina is a life saver. I have had terrible morning sickness for all of my pregnancies. I tried everything. Prego pops, ginger teas, B6, medication, nothing worked. then a friend of mine recommended acupuncture and specifically Martina. I was very skeptical, having never tried acupuncture before but I was desperate to feel better. Martina was warm and friendly when I came in, but the amazing thing was that the instant she started placing the needles I suddenly felt better than I had in weeks. She saw me every week, often multiple times a week. She helped me through three very difficult pregnancies and I cannot thank her enough." M. S.

"Martina is a sensitive and skillful acupuncturist who works well with children and adults. I am thankful to have her as a resource for myself and my family's health and well being." C.F., Denver CO

"As a person who has been suffering from fibromyalgia since 2006, I cannot believe my luck in finding Martina. My husband suggested I go to Martina when my joints swelled up again and I was barely able to move. He had been going for a while now for his back pain and tailbone issues and he cannot stop singing her praises. Although I've only had two sessions, I can type, move, walk, and get up in the morning! ... When one can move without pain, one tends to take it for granted, but if one has pain, one should go to Martina, she will make it better" Z.C, Los Angeles

"Martina is amazing. I was a bit apprehensive in starting this type of treatment, but after many trips to the doctors and multiple tests I became very discouraged at finding no relief for my symptoms. It was by the kind gesture of my sister who gave me a gift certificate to go see her for stress related issues. And oh my goodness I'm glad I did. I have seen her for six sessions and I can feel the difference overall" C.P., Mission Hills

"Martina is a true healer. I highly recommend her practice for everything from a bad cold to carpal tunnel. When you are under her care, you truly feel you are being taken care of in every way. Whether, you are [there for] an existing condition or want to prevent one, Martina is a perfect fit" E.R, Lake Balboa

"Martina saved me from such intense pain from TMJ I could barely chew. I had gone to the dentist and doctor who prescribed me a mouth-guard and meds. Nothing was working. i was in pain for almost 2-3 months before going to Martina. After 2 treatments I noticed a HUGE improvement. I am now pain free and enjoying apples again. 

While she worked on my TMJ, she also did some work on my anxiety issues (that was prob the cause of the TMJ) at the same time. I felt so relaxed and balanced after my visits with her. You can tell the moment you meet her that her first priority is to get you well. I would recommend Martina to anyone" M.V.

"Martina is a gem. I began seeing her a few months ago for some issues that I eventually found that I had to have surgery for. Once Martina found out, she took charge in making me a plan to help prepare me for the surgery. This plan helped to prepare my body both physically and mentally for the strains and stresses that surgery has on the mind and body and it worked. I saw Martina 3 times in a row leading up to my surgery, and with a combination of acupuncture, meditation, dietary and other suggestions I can say I felt calm, relaxed, and positive on the day of my surgery. I look forward to continuing my visits with her to help me get back on track after my surgery" I.J., Culver City