Services of chinese medicine



With and without needles

  • super fine sterile, solid, stainless steel, disposable acupuncture needles
  • low level laser or microcurrent stimulation
  • acupressure

Condition-specific exercises

  • breathing exercises
  • gentle chi gong/ qigong 
  • moving meditation


Ancient form of therapy using specially designed cups on the skin creating a short term suction. Benefits include:

  • pain relief
  • relaxation
  • digestion
  • for colds/flu

Dietary Therapy

Customized dietary guidance based on traditional Chinese medicine dietary theory. Based on patient's body constitution, specific guidelines, tips, tweaks to current diet will be promoted and monitored throughout treatment. Please inquire for more details.

Guided meditation

Meditation has been clinically shown to 

  • reduce anxiety
  • slow signs of aging
  • improves cognitive function/memory 
  • reduces distractions/ helps ADD
  • reduce stress
  • reduces blood pressure
  • increases resiliance 
  • speeds healing

Give it eight weeks and watch your life change!

Herbal Therapy

Herbal therapy is more affordable than conventional medicine and more accessible. Handled by expert, trained practitioners, traditional Chinese herbal medicine can greatly aid chronic, stubborn issues and 

  • decrease inflammatory response without the side effect risk of NSAID (acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen, etc.)
  • increases microcirculation
  • improves organ health
  • balances hormones

Each herbal formula is specific to a set of signs and symptoms that only a trained practitioner can treat.

I am so fortunate to be able to offer an exclusive treatment protocol called Heaven and Earth, for patients with specific conditions. These are herbal preparations once reserved for the Imperial family and high ranking government officials. The quality is unsurpassed and from a very small and still pure region of Tibet. By helping yourself to this protocol, you in turn help aid education, an orphanage, and the farmers in this special planting region.  Please ask if the Tibetan  herbal protocol is appropriate for your condition.