With and without needles

  • super fine, sterile, solid, stainless steel, disposable acupuncture needles
  • low level laser or milli/micro-current stimulation
  • acupressure   

Acute, Sub-acute conditions require fewer treatments than Chronic, repeat injury, or long-standing conditions. Visit frequency reduces as symptoms resolve and recovery goals for chronic conditions will be re-evaluated at the end of each course of treatment to determine the maintenance protocol.  A care plan outlines the steps of care for acute and chronic issues.        

Condition-specific exercises


  • breathing exercises
  • gentle chi gong/ qigong 
  • moving meditation

Simple, non joint compressing rehabilitation exercise programs may be added at any time during treatment as part of a comprehensive recovery protocol. When regular aerobic exercise isn't possible, these specific movements encourage flow of blood without aggravating weak or injured joints. 



Traditional therapy in multiple cultures, enjoys a resurgence in popularity since athletes of all kinds have been utilizing it to maximize their performance and recovery using specially designed cups on the skin creating a short term suction. Benefits include:

  • chronic pain relief
  • restoration of normal blood flow to muscles
  • relaxation
  • aids digestion
  • for resolving colds/flu
  • relieving asthma/bronchitis

Dietary Therapy


Customized dietary guidance based on traditional Chinese medicine dietary theory. Based on patient's body constitution, specific guidelines, tips, tweaks to current diet will be promoted and monitored throughout treatment. Please inquire for more details.

Guided meditation


Meditation has been clinically shown to 

  • reduce anxiety
  • slow signs of aging
  • improves cognitive function/memory 
  • reduces distractions/ helps ADD
  • reduce stress
  • reduces blood pressure
  • increases resiliance 
  • speeds healing

Give it eight weeks and watch your life change!

Herbal Therapy


Herbal therapy is more affordable than conventional medicine and more accessible. Handled by expert, trained practitioners, traditional Chinese herbal medicine can greatly aid chronic, stubborn issues and 

  • decrease inflammatory response without the side effect risk of NSAID (acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen, etc.)
  • increases micro-circulation
  • improves organ/gut health
  • balances hormones

Each herbal formula is specific to a set of signs and symptoms that only a trained practitioner can treat.

Specific additional Services

Neurological Injury? Nanopuncture: nervous system reboot


Neurological disorders are increasing yearly. Concussions, traumatic brain injury, post stroke sequelae, transient ischemic attack... these all can affect critical nervous system functions. Executive functioning, ability to plan, analyze, and problem solve, reaction time, memory, balance, gait, impulse control, and more. Young athletes can recover faster from concussion injury with a new protocol tested in universities and specialized hospitals in China, now available only in Los Angeles in this clinic. Sequelae of stroke that happened even years ago can still be helped with this acupuncture system that analyzes where the nervous system's circulation is inhibited and help reset and reboot giving significant neurovascular circulation benefits to the patient. This exclusive protocol is called Nanopuncture. 

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Pregnancy and Post partum care

Acupuncture and acupressure post partum

You've heard the buzz. Acupuncture is great for labor and delivery.  Happy days! Your birth is around the corner and you're in the final stretch to a full term birth! This is the time to prepare your mind and body for this amazing transition. From week 35 to delivery, acupuncture will help ripen the cervix and if needed, help boost a waning or stalled labor.  Did you know, it's really effective with post partum recovery?  Healthy mom, healthy baby. Emotional and physical support are included in post partum care.  Anything you're experiencing from post partum blues, milk supply, pain, stress and sleep, to restoring normal menstrual cycle is included.  Come in for nurturing 2-3 weeks after delivery. 

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Tech assisted Meditation- Peace, Productivity and enhanced Performance

tech-assisted meditation, mindfulness-based stress reduction, mindfulness training

Mindfulness-based stress reduction MBSR has been widely researched for its benefits. Cutting edge neuroscience studies (specifically for anxiety, depression, insomnia and chronic pain) support benefits of the brain reaching deeper meditation levels via this method faster than trying it solo. Enhance the beneficial effects of reduced stress and chronic pain, enhanced immunity, focus and memory. Help eliminate brain fog, mental fatigue, poor concentration. Enhance sport performance, academic performance, any performance. With acupuncture included, the effects are remarkable!

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Qigong classes

qi gong or chi gong produced tai chi and other martial arts, qigong is vital to wellness and balance

Experience the life enhancing effects of regular practice of a simple and effective ancient practice. It predates Taichi and is the source of other martial arts. Ability friendly. Powerful. From easy movements to simple breathing techniques, an 8 week course will set you on a path to improving or maximizing wellness.  Find out when the next series begins!

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Whole body Far-infrared therapy

far-infrared therapy, FIR, alleviates fatigue, reduces blood pressure, reduces pain

"...studies have shown that FIR (heat) radiation produces thermal and non-thermal effects, such as increasing artery blood flow, and peripheral blood circulation, improving endothelial function, alleviating fatigue and pain, reducing blood pressure, and promoting capillary dilatation..."  Safe to do daily for most people. 

Regular heat therapy through FIR gives great results at lower temps so can be better tolerated for those sensitive to standard heat sources.   Ask if you are a good match for this therapy.

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Foot Soak Therapy

Tibetan foot soak, pain relief herbal formula, for foot pain, ankle pain, leg pain, menstrual pain

Not just for pretty feet... Neuropathy and other foot and leg injuries. Speed recovery from surgery. Increase blood flow to various areas in pain from impeded circulation. See the "Where I Get My Herbs" flip book on the Home page. Sustainably, consciously harvested from micro-farms in one of the purest places left on earth, this remarkable formula may be experienced in-house or as a take home therapy and is specific for foot and other leg pain, menstrual or fibroid pain, other idiopathic abdominal pain, digestive pain, and certain types of headaches. Specific cases of reduced insomnia and lowered blood pressure have also been reported. 

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