About Us


the root cause of your problem

by listening to your concerns and conducting a comprehensive health evaluation and specific Chinese medicine based exams.

15+ years in practice, thousands of treatments later, I am the partner in health you want. I will support you! 


hidden obstacles to your healing

by investing time focused on a personalized Strategy session.   want to get well!  We'll dive deep to discover what your needs are and create a unique treatment and maintenance plan for your wellness goals. YOU can get better! What are you willing to do to get there? I am invested. You should be too. 


a customized action plan 

that will guide you back to a state of health and well being. You'll return quickly to feeling renewed, reinvigorated, and ready to enjoy life again!

Methods used to optimize your health include but not limited to any combination of the following: exclusive herbal therapies, acupuncture, functional movement, dietary therapy, guided meditation, qigong/chigong. You will feel amazing!


Return on Investment

Your health, your quality of life are worth investing in! Through the unique preventative and integrative medicine options we offer, your transformation can begin right now and pay you back in lifelong vitality and wellness!

Our Role

I use the most effective combination of techniques and methods that will speed recovery, prevent future disease, and help you achieve your health goals. You are guided to your optimal wellness so you can live your best life. I am committed to provide the most comprehensive approach to wellness. Everyone deserves good health!

Your Part

To facilitate your healing, you will also be taught some historically effective movement methods and breath techniques. By employing these, you'll discover a combination that will integrate into your new state of wellness. Preventative care will enable you to begin a new chapter of optimal wellness. Making maintenance visits a priority to avoid future problems is key. A healthy future takes a partnership. Let us be your partner in health.

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